Snapchat X Vogue – Redefining the Body

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in a unique and visionary action that brought together Vogue magazine and the snapchat app.

This collaborative effort is a testament to how augmented reality can revolutionize physical fashion, elevating and transforming clothing designs through cutting-edge digital experiences.

This exhibition showcases six of the world’s foremost fashion brands and designers, including Stella McCartey, Dior, Richard Quinn, Versace, Kanneth Ize and Thebe Magugu . Each section of the exhibition immerses visitors in the unique universe of these brands, allowing them to experience and connect with their individual identities.

“Redefining Your Body” illustrates how varying perceptions of the human form can be elevated through Snapchat’s interactive Augmented Reality Lenses, imbued with the ability to animate, reflect, portray, and even transform the individual or image at hand.

Out of all the rooms, the Stella McCartney exhibit was unquestionably my favorite. The mirrored space created an illusion of depth, and when I trained my Snapchat camera on the area, a plethora of mushrooms and twinkling lights magically appeared, heightening the enchanting experience.

Furthermore, I was fortunate enough to try on a gorgeous Stella McCartney dress – something I never thought possible – thanks to the power of Snapchat’s augmented reality. The dress was on display in the room, and with a simple tap on my phone, I was transported into a virtual fitting room, where I could try on the dress and see how it looked on me.

The Versace area exuded the brand’s signature charm and opulence, as exemplified by the lavish Gold Tiles and iconic Medusa emblem adorning the showroom.

Thanks to Snapchat, the experience truly came to life – I was mesmerized as I watched the hunched gazes on display transform into wriggling snakes, embodying the mythical Medusa and even morphing into the viewers themselves. To further enhance the experience, we were also given the opportunity to try on some of the stunning dresses on display.

The Dior room was truly breathtaking – an alluring black space that seemingly had mirrors on the floor, showcasing creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri’s spring/summer 2023 collection for Dior that illuminated the entire room.

Thanks to the wonders of Augmented Reality, I was able to interactively experience the line’s chic trench coat, shorts, and long shirt, set against the backdrop of a stunning Renaissance grotto.

The last room I visited was curated by the South African designer Thebe Magugu, where antique cabinets were adorned with 3D relics and prints from Magugu’s past fashion collections and childhood. The elaborate displays included chandeliers, vases, handbags, and boots, among other treasures.

The exhibit also featured nine mannequins, each draped in bohemian dresses from Magugu’s Heritage Dress capsule collection. The colorful silhouettes depicted landscapes and figuratively presented a painting that celebrated South African culture.

Within the space, Snapchat’s lens distorted the domestic scene, revealing new objects and clothing patterns that further enhanced the experience. Lastly, visitors were given the opportunity to try on one of the nine dresses and snap a photo in Snapchat’s virtual reality.

Witnessing the Vogue-Snapchat collaboration firsthand in this stunning exhibition was undoubtedly one of the highlights of my visit thus far. The fusion of cutting-edge technology and the world of haute couture was a truly captivating and enchanting experience, allowing me to see firsthand the advancements made in this field.

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